Experienced researchers

Proffesor Botau Dorica, Ph.D.
Fields of competence – genetics microorganisms and microbial genetic engineering.

  • use of biotechnology in plant breeding ( regeneration  and multiplication in vitro, stress selection; cell culture to induce resistance to unfavorable factors; induction of somatic variability in cell culture and vegetable tissues; the genetic transformation in plants culture using the system Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

PhD (1998) Research regarding somatic variability at fodder beet ( Beta vulgaris L.)
The results: The selection of tolerant cell lines at barley:
The technology of  regeneration in vitro at fodder beet;
The regeneration in different system the culture in vitro at Calendula officialis;
The transformation of some Romanian potato varieties using the system Agrobacterium.
Obtained projects:

  • the research on photo autotrophy on cell culture and vegetable tissues in vitro 1997-1998 CNCSIS, 400 RON
  • the research regarding the induction and selection of somaclonal variation at Solanum melangera L. and Lycopersicom esculentum L. 2000-2002 CNCSIS 1800 RON.

Proffesor Palicica Radu, veterinarian, Ph.D.
Fields of competence
- Comparative anatomy of animals pharmaceuticals using in treatment of many deseases

Obtained projects:

  • 1995-2000 projects director the program: academic horizon; the animal behavior from laboratory and farm in treatment conditions
  • The contribution of achievement  32 contracts in research made with MCT, MEC, productive units

Prof. univ. dr. ing. Halmagean Lucian
Fields of competence:

  • the complex interactions of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers with bacterial treatment
  • the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen in agro ecological conditions from Arad regions
  • the increase of vegetable productivity around the optimization of culture conditions
  • the organization of pilot farms in units with a share in vegetable crops in the western country
  • general ecology; the ecology and the protection of environment

Obtained projects:

  • The optimization of system fertilization at vegetable seeds culture to involve in the nutrients stock the atmospheric nitrogen fixed in symbiotic way 2005-2008, value 3000 lei, the contract number 2964/ 17.08.2005 with the Commercial Society Unisem Bucharest

Proffesor eng. Ianculov Iosif, Ph.D.
Fields of competence:
  • vegetal biochemistry

Semnificative results:

  • to obtain the active principles from plants, the analytic dosing of them and their exploitation in different pharmaceutics preparations
  • the isolation, purification and characterization of some types allergens

Obtained projects:

2004-2006 to obtain some active principles from plants with pharmaceuticals and alimentary values CNCSIS, 160000 RON

Proffesor eng. Ciulca Sorin, Ph.D.
Fields of competence: genetics and plants breeding (cereals straw) experimental technique and biostatistics quantitative genetics

Semnificative results: - as a coauthor: lines of cereals straw (barley, two-row barley), 3 lines of perspective of two-row barley of autumn being in the network under test ISTIS

Obtained projects:
2003-2004 CNCSIS code 206 number 33556/01.01.2003 54,6 millions RON, The genetic progression evaluation accomplished by selection on some hybrid population from two-row barley of autumn

Lecturer eng. Mihacea Sorina, Pd.D.
Fields of competence:
  • molecular biology, vegetable genetic engineering
  • the study of genetic expressions
  • methods of detection OMG

Semnificative results:

  • study the effect of heavy metals and aluminum at prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  • the analysis of proteins using the technique ELISA
  • the gene transfer at plants

 Obtained projects:

-2004-2005 Evaluation of the effect of lead on the symbiotic Medicago sativa Rhizobium meliloti CNCSIS, 3000 RON
-2007-2008 Identification, isolation and study of genes expressions involved in metabolic pathway of synthesis of phitochelatines at alfalfa CNCSIS, 3000 RON

Since 2010
Proffesor Sărăndan Horea, veterinarian, Ph.D.

Fields of competence
Animal physiology;
Animal nutrition
-Clinical testing of Ruminatorio-H product;
-Study of transgenic maize(AW 641-RR) efect on blood parameters and internal organs at pigs;
- The efect Micofix New (Biomin) evaluation in comercial dietary contaminated with deoxinivalenone and ochratoxine;
- nutritional testing of some products in spring chiken food.
Obtained projects:
 1 Evaluation of Natural Growth Promoters (acidifiers) alone and in combination in weaned piglets .-Biomin Austria 2008
2. Feeding trials to test different feed additives in cases of Brachyspira dysentery in fattening pigs -  Biomin Austria 2006
3. Feeding trials to test the feed additive Opticell in sows' and post-weaning piglets' fodder - Biomin Austria 200
4. Evaluation of Natural Growth Promoters (phytogenic) alone and in combination in weaned piglets - Biomin Austria 2008
5. Evaluation of the Effect of Different Ca-P-levels on Blood Parameters and the Farrowing Process - Biomin Austria 2008

In training researchers

Asistent. Drd. Ing.Lazăr Alexandru
Phd thesis title: Research on obtaining secondary metabolites using in vitro cultures at Vitis vinifera

Cercetator drd.ing. Gabor Laura
Phd thesis title: Cercetari privind valorificarea produselor apicole in cosmetica si farmacie.

Asistent drd.ing. Crisan Simona
Phd thesis title: Research on obtaining biologically active compounds from Momordica charantia

Since oct., 2008
ing drd. Bolda Vanda
Phd thesis title: Researches regarding the in vitro behaviour of bluberry landraces